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Photographer Lennart Jönsson 2011Photographer Lennart Jönsson 2011Caisa and leaderdog Odessa We offer exciting Dogsled Tours in the beautiful and peaceful area  where our Husky Farm is located in the village Tranutrask. It is nearby both Pitea and Lulea citys and Lulea Airport. Our tours go over ice covered lakes and through the wild forrest and offer us great opportunities to vary this ancient way to travel on snow and ice.

With our highly skilled Sled-guides and well-trained friendly dogs - Alaskan Husky - we answer to a high quality and unforgettable nature-experience.

We design and conduct the tours according to your requests. We have the capacity to arrange tours suitable for all kind of parties, large or small. There is also an opportunity to make a guided test-drive with your own team of dogs.



 We have a short stop at our popular 2-hour dog sled tour for warm beverage.

 Combine your dogsled tour with lunch, dinner or snacks / refreshments in our warm and cozy wooden hut at the

 Husky Farm.


You can pay with cash or with CreditCard (Visa or MasterCard) at the Husky Farm


You can pre-order lunch/dinner/coffee in the wooden hut after the dogsled tour,

you can also order beer/cider/wine and liqur with your meal.

Our new wooden hut

Odessa, Caisa and Ulf



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Svedjekojan Husky Farm

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