Experience the Swedish nature

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Ride on a sled run by one of our guides or drive your own dog sledge

Svedjekojan offers special designed Dogsled Tours, where you either can ride in a sled or run your own team of dogs. This gives you a unique chance to experience in close encounter with this very special and magic nature.

We work together with a number of corporations in the region where we make nature winter experience for all kind of groups, small or large. Our philosophy is based on offering safe and secure outdoor adventures for our guests. Therefore we make a great efford in having the best sled dog-equipment, wich we check on a regular basis. Ulf takes care of all our tracks and equipment so that the experience is going to be the best.

Svedjekojan is approved and checked regularly by the Country Board. The staff has guide-training and has also taken a training course ‘Green Card in Dog Sledding